Choice Home Warranty Plan

Bentley’s Home Inspection has just partnered with Choice Home Warranty to serve its customers better. Whether you are already a Bentley’s existing customer or a new one, you are sure to benefit from this new partnership and you should not miss any chance you can get for being a valued client. When you avail of Bentley’s Home Inspection’s service and purchase any of the Choice Home Warranty Plans, you qualify for $125 discount on your choice of a policy.


This is such a great deal exclusively offered for Bentley’s customers!

Indeed, getting both the home inspection service and a home warranty plan at the same time has a great advantage.

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Below, you’ll see the difference of the 3 warranty plans you can get for your home when you avail of a home inspection service from Bentley’s. As mentioned, on top of their affordable cost, you can get $125 off on the regular warranty price.

3 Choice Home Warranty Plans to Choose from

Basic warranty – for just $420, this plan covers the systems, as well as the appliances such as plumbing, HVAC, plumbing system, appliances that fail because of age, electrical system, the normal wear-and-tear, and the two companies’ criteria so long as they avail of the home inspection services. More so, the system or appliances should pass the home criteria for home inspection and ensure coverage for them on the first-year duration of ownership of the home.

Plus Plan – at a price of $500, this package covers the refrigerator, washer, and dryer, on top of the other items covered by the basic plan.

Ultimate Plan or the “Cadillac Warranty Plan” – for only $550, this full-packed plan is the best choice to have. Since you’ll be entitled to $125 discount, you can almost get our ultimate plan for the basic choice plan pricing. Also called the ‘Cadillac Warrant Plan,’ the Ultimate Plan covers almost everything you need to get covered at home after the inspection.

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This is a rare chance you shouldn’t miss. Not all homeowners are given such a great deal of home warranty plan. And the best thing about these once-in-a-lifetime offers is that you’ve got not just one, but three plans to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Call the Bentley’s Home Inspection now at (865) 986-2516 and have your home inspected.

Don’t forget to choose the Choice Home Warranty Plan that best suits your needs!


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