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What Is An Infinity Pool?

By May 14, 2024No Comments
Infinity pools are aesthetically pleasing and are a great addition to a home.

In the realm of luxury home amenities, various types of inground swimming pools have long stood as symbols of sophistication and relaxation.  Pools are a way to unwind, hang out with friends and family, and entertain, but also to spend some time alone.  The infinity pool has gained particular acclaim for its stunning visual effects and unique design characteristics.  In this article, learn what an infinity pool is, what makes it unique, its benefits, and why it may be a good choice for you.

Let’s learn more about infinity pools! 

Types of Inground Pools

Before we dive deep into infinity pools, it is a good idea to know what else is out there.  Knowing the choices you have is good so you can make the right decision for where you live.  Inground swimming pools come in a variety of types, each offering distinct features and benefits. Here are the most common types:

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are highly durable and customizable. They can be built in virtually any shape or size, making them ideal for those who want a unique pool design.

Fiberglass pool is one type of swimming pool that is popular.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are pre-molded in various shapes and sizes. They have a smooth surface, are quick to install, and require less maintenance than concrete pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner pools have a custom-made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure. They are cost-effective and offer a variety of design options, though the liners need to be replaced every 5-9 years.

Stainless Steel Pools

Stainless steel pools are resistant to corrosion and provide a modern look. They are sturdy and can be installed faster than traditional concrete pools.

Tile pool is another type of swimming pool.

Tile Pools

Tile pools allow for a high degree of customization with various colors and patterns. They can be more expensive due to the material and labor involved in their construction.

Saltwater Pools

While not a different structure, saltwater systems can be applied to any inground pool type. They use a salt-chlorine generator to sanitize the water, which can be gentler on skin and eyes.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools, also known as vanishing edge pools, create an illusion of the water extending into the horizon. They are especially effective in locations with scenic backdrops.

Natural Pools

Natural pools use plants and natural filtering processes to clean the water instead of chemicals. They often feature a separate regeneration zone filled with aquatic plants that act as a natural cleanser.

Each type of inground pool offers its own set of advantages, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance requirements, allowing homeowners to choose the best option to suit their lifestyle, budget, and landscape.

Infinity pools are another type of inground pool a homeowner can choose from.

What Is An Infinity Pool?

Now that you know about other types of swimming pool, let’s find out more about infinity pools.  An infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge or negative edge pool, is a swimming pool that produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending into “infinity”. The effect is most often created on one side of the pool where water flows over an edge into a catch basin, giving the illusion that it merges with the surrounding landscape.

What Does An Infinity Pool Look Like?

Typically, an infinity pool looks like a sheet of water dropping off over the edge of the property, blending seamlessly with the sky or nearby water bodies. This visual trickery is due to the pool’s edge being designed at the same level as the water, allowing for continuous overflow on at least one side of the pool.

Are Infinity Pools Dangerous?

While they may seem perilous due to their design, infinity pools are not inherently dangerous. They are crafted with safety in mind, featuring a hidden catch basin that safely collects overflowing water.

Benefits of Infinity Pools

There are so great benefits to infinity pools.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With their seamless edges, these pools offer a breathtaking vista that enhances the overall beauty of any property.
  • Illusion of Space: Infinity pools create the illusion of a larger space, as the eye extends the water line into the horizon.
  • Property Value: Adding an infinity pool can significantly increase the value of a property due to its luxurious appeal.

Any Disadvantages of Infinity Pools?

Despite their allure, infinity pools have drawbacks such as higher costs.  Unfortunately, the complex designs and mechanics often result in higher construction and installation fees.  Also, demanding maintenance is another issue. They require meticulous upkeep to preserve their pristine condition and functionality.

Best Places To Build An Infinity Pool

The best locations for an infinity pool typically have expansive views, such as hillsides overlooking oceans, mountains, or urban panoramas. This placement maximizes the visually stunning impact of the pool’s vanishing edge.

What Do I Keep In Mind When Designing An Infinity Pool?

When planning for an infinity pool, consider aspects like:

  • Local Climate: Weather conditions may influence the materials used and the pool’s design.
  • View and Orientation: Optimize the pool’s position to capitalize on the most scenic angle.
  • Privacy and Safety: Ensure the location is secure and provides privacy for bathers.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Yes, infinity pools meet the same safety standards as conventional pools when properly designed and constructed. It’s crucial, however, to incorporate safety features such as barriers and appropriate depth markers.

Types of Infinity Pools

Who knew that there were options in infinity pools? Let’s take a look at the different types and the benefits of each so you know what will be best for you.

Vanishing Edge Pools

Vanishing edge pools, also known as infinity pools, feature one or more sides where water flows over the edge and creates the illusion that it merges with the surrounding landscape or appears to “vanish” into the horizon. This effect is typically achieved by lowering the pool’s wall on one side to the same level as the water and allowing the water to flow into a catch basin.

Benefits of Vanishing Edge Pools

  • Stunning Visuals: The vanishing edge provides a breathtaking view, especially if the pool overlooks a scenic area like an ocean, lake, or cityscape.
  • Enhanced Ambiance: These pools offer a serene environment, perfect for relaxation.
  • Increased Property Value: Due to their luxurious appeal, vanishing edge pools can significantly boost property value.

Perimeter Overflow Pools

A perimeter overflow pool has edges designed so that water overflows on all sides, creating a mirror-like surface around the entire pool. The overflowing water is caught in a hidden trough that surrounds the pool, then filtered and recirculated back.

Benefits of Perimeter Overflow Pools

  • Sophisticated Design: The 360-degree overflow effect gives the pool a sleek, sophisticated look akin to a sheet of glass or a flat stone slab.
  • Cooling Effect: The continuous movement of water over the edges can help to cool the pool’s surface, providing a refreshing experience.
  • Uniform Water Level: The design maintains a consistent water level, which is visually pleasing and ideal for competitive swimming or lap pools.

Slot Overflow Pools

Description: Slot overflow pools incorporate a narrow slot or gap around the pool’s edge, through which water overflows. This slot leads to a concealed trough system below the deck level. It’s a more subtle version of the perimeter overflow, offering a clean and contemporary look.

Benefits of Slot Overflow Pools

  • Modern Aesthetics: The slot overflow design is minimalist and modern, making it suitable for contemporary homes.
  • Space Efficiency: Since the slot is narrow, these pools are space-efficient and can be installed in smaller areas without compromising on style.
  • Ease of Use: The flush deck design allows for easy entry and exit from the pool, as well as unobstructed views across the water.

Each of these pool types offers a unique set of aesthetic and functional benefits, catering to different preferences and site conditions. Whether seeking the dramatic impact of a vanishing edge, the elegance of a perimeter overflow, or the modern simplicity of a slot overflow, homeowners can find a design that enhances their outdoor living space and complements their lifestyle.

Cost of Infinity Pools

The cost varies widely depending on size, location, design complexity, and material choice, but expect to pay significantly more than for a standard pool due to the intricate design and additional infrastructure required.

Environmental Impact of Infinity Pools

The constant overflow of water requires a higher amount of chemicals for purification, which can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

Maintenance of an Infinity Pool

Regular tasks include:

  • Checking filtration and catch basin systems.
  • Maintaining water chemical balance.
  • Cleaning the catch basin and main pool area.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Now that you know about infinity pools,  it is a good time to learn about pool maintenance no matter what type of pool you choose.  You will probably need to shock your pool at least a few times over the years.  After shocking your pool, it is important to make sure you wait 24 hours before swimming and also test the chemicals to make sure the swimming pool is ready to go.

Another area is priming the pool pump.  This may not make sense to you, but if you are noticing that the water flow is low or you have a noisy air pump, you may need to prime the pump.  Also, if you notice air bubbles, or a low reading on the pressure gauge, then you can follow the steps to take care of the issue.

When a Professional Might Be Needed

Professional consultation is essential in the following scenarios:

  • Design and InstallationTo ensure the pool complies with safety regulations and aesthetic aspirations.
  • Maintenance Issues: For specialized work such as repairing the catch system or addressing structural concerns.

Check out this video below about the infinity pool.


Infinity pools remain a covetable addition to any luxury residence, offering unique charm and elegance. Despite their higher cost and maintenance demands, their benefits can be substantial, turning an ordinary backyard into a private oasis with a dramatic view. As with any such investment, careful consideration and expert advice are key to successful implementation.  While you are having your infinity pool added to your home, it is a great time to call the Bentley Home Inspection team for a home inspection in East Tennessee and surrounding areas.