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Home Inspectors Want Homeowners To Know These Important Things

By September 27, 2022April 9th, 2024No Comments

Buying a house may be the most critical decision you will make. It’s not just about the price and location. You also must ensure everything about the place is perfect for you and your family. That’s why it’s essential to find a good home inspector who can give you an unbiased opinion on your potential future home.

A Home Inspection Knoxville is a crucial step in buying a house. It allows you to see what kind of shape the house is in and if any safety hazards need to be addressed.

The inspection will also give you knowledge about how the house functions and what structural issues need to be addressed. This can save you from overpaying for a home with problems that will cost more than it’s worth to fix, or it can save your life by warning you about potential fire hazards.

Knowledge of the home inspection industry is helpful for homeowners; this includes being aware of advancements in the industry. New techniques and materials are coming out that are changing the way home inspectors perform inspections and improve the quality of homes. These include high-tech gadgets such as drones, infrared devices, and thermal imaging cameras, to name a few. As a homeowner, you need to know about these things so that your house is inspected precisely how you want it. It is so important for homeowners to understand what they’re getting into when they buy new space, and in my opinion, home inspectors are one of the essential pieces of the puzzle.

I’m sure you have a long list of things on your mind already, but if you’re still looking for an inspector, please know these few things home inspectors want you to know about them. 

Home Inspectors Should Be Licensed

I hope this email finds you well. You should be aware that a home inspector in Tennessee must be licensed by the State of Tennessee and abide by the State of Tennessee Standards of Practice. It is also important to note that a good home inspector will be a member of at least one home inspector association. These associations provide continuing education and offer different benefits, such as discounts on products and services, networking opportunities, and more.

The Inspector You Hire Represents Only You

Would you trust a home inspector who represented the seller? I wouldn’t. The inspector you hire, whether it is as a seller or buyer, describes you- as the client. They are independent and objective, ensuring your best interests are looked after through thorough inspections and reports.

Trust your inspector to be your representative when buying or selling a home. Home inspectors are impartial, and their only concern is the best interest of you, the client.

We Use HIgh-Tech Gadgets To Give You The Most Accurate Reports

We’ll never pressure you into buying a property, and we won’t recommend doing so if it’s not in your family’s best interest. We’re committed to giving you the truth about every property, no matter what. For this reason, we use sophisticated equipment like infrared cameras and moisture meters to help us evaluate the property’s condition, giving you a more accurate picture of the house than with a naked eye.

We are all about accuracy when it comes to evaluating homes. We’ve covered you, whether it’s a leaky roof or mold under the fridge. We’ll tell you about the repairs required immediately and what can wait so you have a detailed repair plan. 

Professional Inspectors Provide A Home Guarantee

Too many times, homebuyers hire inspectors that seem nice but are not qualified. Professional inspectors guarantee and stand by their work; they will only do the job right. They will always tell you the truth and assure you that if you are unsatisfied with an inspection, they’ll refund your money.

Professional inspectors provide detailed inspection reports, including photographs and a video of the property, so you can see for yourself what’s going on. They will always let you know the property’s condition, regardless of how bad it might be.

Inspectors Do Not Make Repairs 

No one wants to get ripped off. To avoid any conflict of interest, inspectors are to follow certain rules. This means a home inspector does not offer repairs on the issues found in a home. They are morally not allowed to do it too. They may refer professionals to do the job on request. 

We Encourage You To Attend The Inspection

After an inspection, the inspector will need to do a final walk-through with the buyer. This is where they will discuss any defects they found and how they were repaired. This is also where pictures are taken if needed. To avoid distraction, we ask that you arrive at the end of the inspection.

Home Inspections Knoxville TN, may seem scary, but on the contrary, home inspections are very straightforward. An inspection will hardly take a few hours or less if appropriately planned. Professional home inspectors offer a personalized experience for their customers that goes beyond the usual home inspection reports you’ll find at other places. 

Finally, a good home inspector will take the time to explain the inspection report and answer any questions you have. Pick our brains. Ask questions. That is why we are here. Our job is to find out the condition of the property, note any red flags, and communicate that information to you.